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Visions and Values

Voyage has four clear and important main aims:

Every Learner in Voyage is Educated in a ‘Good’ Academy

...where the quality of education reflects the highest standards and behaviour, attitudes and
outcomes are exemplary and consistent from everyone within the school community.

We want every learner to enjoy their learning journey in our academies and have real choices for the future.

We have a shared mission to deliver excellent teaching and learning every day.

Voyage is ‘The Trust of Parental Choice’

...a leading educational organisation in our communities that gives confidence.

We want to be the ‘first choice’ in the communities we serve and for our academies to be full, or growing, vibrant places to learn.

Every learner should have access to the best education whatever their starting point.

Voyage is ‘The Employer of Choice’

...academies and a Shared Services Team that are great places to work.

We want staff development to be first class and to enable ambitious staff to grow their careers.

We want our CPD networks to offer significant professional development opportunities - and to recruit and retain the very best people.

Voyage is ‘The Partnership of Choice’ outward-facing, collaborative and innovative learning-focused organisation.

We want external agencies and strategic partners to seek to work with us, and for us to have excellent capacity to support others.

Our reputation should attract like-minded thinkers and innovators.

Our values are represented by the icons below (please click on them to enlarge):

Voyage's strategic aim for Trust growth is to improve the lives and life chances of more young people. 

We can meet this aim in several ways, including:

  • Improving the performance of our academies.
  • Providing training and support for ITT trainees and contributing to the regional supply of new Early Career Teachers entering teaching.
  • Embracing opportunities to be system leaders through strategic partnerships, including as a delivery partner for the Lincolnshire Teaching School Hub and Lincolnshire SCITT and offering traded services to other MATs and schools.
  • New schools joining Voyage.

We want to: 

  • Be a learning organisation, continually improving and ambitious for our learners, staff and communities, which finds and implements the best moral and ethical ways to support and educate learners.
  • Create an equitable Trust where every academy and learner thrives, and regularly evaluate our actions to measure the impact we are having for our learners.
  • Focus on sustainability, long-term planning, and a legacy mindset - while managing risk so we can innovate, develop, and be a leading MAT in Lincolnshire.
  • Use digital technology to become more effective and efficient, and support our employees’ wellbeing and work-life balance.
  • Ensure all available resources are delivered to academies to benefit learners, and enable improvement and innovation as an organisational habit.
  • Be an organisation where leaders are strong, effective and authentic - and develop a pipeline of excellent future leaders.
  • Ensure every child has a safe, stimulating, and well-resourced learning environment.