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Our Headteachers

Tom Baxter - Gosberton Academy

Tom has been a teacher at both Carlton Road Academy and Gosberton Academy, having started working within the Trust as a Teaching Assistant aged 18. He completed a Foundation Degree, followed by a degree to achieve Qualified Teacher Status, and is now in his fourth academic year as Headteacher of Gosberton Academy.

Tom has taught across all primary subject areas and year groups and has been Maths Lead, Key Stage 2 Lead, and a SLE (Specialist Leader of Education) through a Local Teaching School in Maths and Writing.

Tom is proud to have instilled a great team ethic in his staff, creating an environment where everybody pulls together, does their all for pupils, and loves coming to work – which transfers to the learners, making them feel wanted and able to showcase their abilities both in and out of the classroom.

Educational Ethos: "I want to be able to make a difference to people's lives, whether that be a member of staff, a learner, a parent or a member of the local community. I want to instil a belief that we always try our best and give our all in everything we do. I want to see smiles on people's faces - having fun and enjoying being part of a hardworking, committed and supportive team. "Never forget where you came from.""

Favourite Quote: “Be better today than you were yesterday, and be better tomorrow than you are today. If you improve by 1% every day, within a year you'll have improved by 365%. Where people aren't having fun, they seldom produce good work.”

Jo Bland - Fishtoft and Boston Pioneers Academies

Jo has been a teacher for the past 21 years, specialising in science and maths - with 11 of those years as a headteacher.

She has had experience at a number of primary schools and has worked for our Trust for the past 16 years.

Jo is an Advanced Skills Teacher (AST), has a NPQH and is a Pupil Premium Reviewer. She was the youngest AST in the East of England and has received a number of awards in her career so far - including a distinction in the Primary Teacher of the Year awards and two TES awards. Jo also bid successfully to open Lincolnshire's first Free School.

Educational Ethos: "Inside each child is an innate sense of creativity and exploration that must not be allowed to be dormant. It is our job as educators of future generations to ignite within all pupils a passion for learning."

Favourite Quote: "All children deserve an excellent education, one which they will have fond memories of for the rest of their lives. Our learners only get one chance at education, so we are passionate about making every moment matter.”

Dr Craig Early - Wygate Park Academy

Craig has been a teacher for the past 13 years, with 4 of those as headteacher.

He has worked for our Trust for 4 years and has taught in a number of schools, teaching subjects across EYFS, through Years One to Three, and having roles which included Assistant Headteacher and Science Lead.

In 2016 Craig was awarded the Primary Science Teacher of the Year Award. He has worked with the BBC, the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Primary Science Teaching Trust. Craig has published resources on websites and in papers, is an active trainer of ITT teachers, and is a nominated panel judge for this year’s Royal Society of Chemistry Education Awards.

Craig is also an RSC Education Division Council member and Primary Science Teaching Trust College Fellow.

Educational Ethos: Fairness, honesty, transparency and strong values – both morally and ethically. “Do the right thing for staff and children.”

Favourite Quote: “Inspire, enthuse, lead from the front, leave no one behind, nothing is impossible.”

Sarah Gray - Park Academy

Sarah has taught at a number of schools over the past 24 years and has been a headteacher for 7 of those years. She has worked for the Trust for the past 7 years.

Sarah has experience of teaching across all year groups, both Primary and Secondary, as she previously worked as a History teacher. She has been a Literacy and EYFS Lead too.

Sarah is also well travelled - and gained half of her Honours degree at Wellesley College in the USA.

Educational Ethos: ‚Äč"All children should access an exciting curriculum which is relevant to the world they live in, with high standards and expectations for all. I am passionate about improving life chances and opportunities for children, and encouraging them to be ambitious for their futures."

Favourite Quote: “The expert at anything was once a beginner.” - Helen Hayes

Rachel Hydes - Staniland Academy

Rachel has been a teacher for 21 years, with 12 of those as headteacher, and has worked for the Trust all her teaching career. 

She has taught in three Boston schools and in recent years has been recruited to support and develop two further schools, with a focus on rapid school improvement and providing stability for growth.

A former swimming coach, Rachel holds a Bachelor of Education degree in PE and Science, a Headship qualification, and has supported schools as a local leader in education. She has previously received a national 'Teacher of the Year' award, a nomination which was supported by a school governor and pupils. 

Educational Ethos: Rachel is committed to ensuring all children achieve, and have access to high quality education. She believes the root to success is creating strong relationships between school and family - promoting excellence for all. She says happy children that are listened to and respected will achieve and flourish. 

Favourite quote: "All different, equal, achieving and smiling."

Matthew Van Lier - Haven High Academy

Matthew has been headteacher at Haven High Academy for three years, having had previous experience of teaching maths and sciences within a variety of secondary school settings over the past decade.

During his headship at Haven High Academy so far, Matthew has improved the progress of the academy to be in line with national progress expectations while raising pupil aspirations throughout the school.

Matthew is an elected member of the Boston Town Board, which has been responsible for securing £21.9 million in funding to enhance the local community.

Educational Ethos: "To enable all students to achieve their true potential in a safe and supported environment."

Favourite Quote: "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." (Eleanor Roosevelt)