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Initial Teacher Training

The Voyage Education Partnership is committed to offering comprehensive support and training to its teachers and classroom staff at every step of their careers.

From the decision to train with us, we offer tailored support through a quality career development for individuals from ITT into school leadership.

We fervently believe that our teachers and classroom staff are our most prized commodity and those delivering outstanding current classroom practice are best placed to train the teachers of the future.

Our training, delivered by outstanding teachers and specialist leaders from within our alliance, have been designed to ensure that individuals have access to professional and tailored training and development - enabling them to improve their practice, at any point in their career.

Train to Teach: Our school-led training programme

We are proud to work with our associate partners to provide a high quality teacher training experience for our student teachers. Our SCITT (School Centred Initial Teacher Training) programme is tailored to the individual trainee’s needs and aspirations, while at the same time ensuring our children have the best classroom support possible.

Whether you are a new graduate, about to graduate, or are considering a change of career, our SCITT will give you the foundation for an amazing career in the classroom. We offer excellent bespoke and hands-on initial teacher training opportunities for primary teachers and leaders of the future.

School Direct is a school-based teacher training programme where trainee teachers are immersed in the classroom from the very first day of training. Working collaboratively with primary schools, special schools, the Lincolnshire SCITT and the University of Lincoln, we provide high-quality, diverse and first class school-based teacher training in over 50 schools within and around Lincolnshire.

Our course offers a PGCE qualification with QTS. Training programmes are school based, with a one-day training session per week at either Lincoln University, Lincolnshire SCITT or within one of our partner Primary schools.

Why choose to train with the Voyage Education Partnership?

As a trainee teacher you will be joining a team of staff who are fully committed to delivering the highest quality teaching and learning to children in Lincolnshire. You will be part of your class from day one.

Your mentors will support you fully, using innovative training to enable you to become a resilient, successful and fulfilled professional who can make a difference to young lives.

Our experienced team will:

• Work with our providers to deliver an exciting and effective programme that gives confidence and provides high quality entrants into the teaching profession.

• Negotiate placements throughout our school partners for trainees, liaising with schools to ensure trainees, schools and children enjoy a rewarding experience.

• Mentor and support each individual trainee throughout their programme to ensure they have quality and tailored training, emerging as quality practitioners ready for a successful career in the profession

• Support trainees in the next step of securing a permanent classroom position and fulfilling their ambitions at the beginning of their teaching career.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for aspirational teachers and the school leaders of the future. We want the most ambitious trainees who will embrace all the opportunities we offer and begin their route to become an outstanding teacher.

Our trainees will be enthusiastic, dedicated, hard-working and committed to making a difference to the lives of the children they teach.

Why Choose to Train in Lincolnshire?

All of the schools working collaboratively with the Lincolnshire SCITT are like-minded, forward-thinking and believe that Initial Teacher Training is one of the most important and crucial elements in the world of education.

We all firmly believe that to reach and improve the lives and learning of all children, we must first begin with creating outstanding teachers by fully investing in teacher training. As organisations who identify the importance of networking and thrive on the opportunity to work collaboratively, we have formed robust partnerships to bring further strength and variety to Initial Teacher Training (ITT) in Lincolnshire.

All of our schools are dedicated to creating and nurturing our teachers of the future and also reaching all of the children in our schools in and around Lincolnshire. Each school has its wealth of experts, specialists and outstanding practitioners who are on hand and keen to share their knowledge and skills. Together we offer trainee teachers a huge variety of schools who all have the very best and up-to-date practices to share.

Training at Voyage Education Partnership

The Voyage Education Partnership is proud to have Staniland Academy as our lead school.

Staniland Academy in Boston is an outstanding primary school that has been at the forefront of initial teacher training. We have trained over 50 teachers and to date have a successful recruitment record.

Many of our trainees have proven to be outstanding practitioners and are already in leadership posts. We have an excellent record of providing first class training and preparing teachers for their early career journey and beyond. All of our trainee teachers successfully completed their training with us in 2020-2021, some achieving Distinctions in their PGCE training aspect!

The following schools have our trainees placed with them for this year, or have worked with us in the recent past to deliver our SCITT programme:

· Boston West Academy

· Boston Pioneers Academy

· Butterwick Primary

· Carlton Road Academy

· Church Lane Primary School, Sleaford

· Clinton Park, Tattershall

· Clough and Risegate Primary School

· Donington Cowley Endowed Primary School

· Gosberton Academy

· Holy Trinity Primary School, Tattershall

· Metheringham Primary School

· Monkshouse Primary School, Spalding

· New York Primary School

· Sibsey Primary

· Staniland Academy

· St Bartholomew’s, West Pinchbeck

· St John Baptist CE Primary School

· St Peter & St Paul Primary, Burgh Le Marsh

· St Thomas’ CE Primary School

· Sutterton Fourfields CE School

· Swineshead St Mary’s CE Primary School

· William Alvey CE School, Sleaford

· Wyberton Primary School

· Wygate Park Academy

What Are the Different Routes to Teaching?

Route 1

School Direct fee paying – this is where the trainee pays the tuition fees usually via a loan. The trainee applies to Voyage Education Partnership/Staniland Academy. This is the route most widely used by our trainees.

This route is school-based and is open to all graduates. It is funded by tuition fees paid by the trainee, who may be eligible for a bursary and/or a loan.

This programme is offered by the Voyage Education Partnership through Staniland Academy as the Lead School and your placement will be sought by us.

Please apply to: Voyage Education Partnership/Staniland Academy

Accredited Provider: Lincolnshire SCITT

Route 2

School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) fee paying – again this is where the trainee pays the tuition fees, usually via a loan. The trainee applies to Lincolnshire SCITT.

This route is also a school-based route into teacher training and is open to all graduates. It is funded by tuition fees paid by the trainee, who may be eligible for a bursary. This programme is offered by Lincolnshire SCITT as the SCITT provider. You will be based within one of the Primary or Special schools within our partnerships.

Please apply to: Lincolnshire SCITT

Route 3

School Direct – Salaried, these places are open to those candidates who already have a school that will support them in this route.

Please be aware that this route is only very rarely offered and it is to those candidates who already have a school that has committed to support their training. We would expect candidates to have significant experience over 2 or 3 years working in a school so that they have the capacity to undertake whole class teaching from the beginning of the academic year. We would expect this experience to be in the phase candidates choose for their training year.

We advise that you contact us in the first instance to see if this is a route that is applicable to you - please get in touch with us at:

To apply through the DfE click here.

Course Codes

The Course Codes for the Voyage Education Partnership and Lincolnshire SCITT are:

PROVIDER                                                AGE RANGE           PROVIDER CODE               COURSE CODE

Voyage/Staniland Academy          3-7                               270                              2RFG

Voyage/Staniland Academy          5-11                               270                              T695

Voyage/Staniland Academy          7-11                               270                              F392

Voyage/Staniland Academy          3-7                               270                              36KP (salaried)

Voyage/Staniland Academy          5-11                               270                              W668 (salaried

Voyage/Staniland Academy          7-11                               270                              T505 (salaried

Lincolnshire SCITT                              3-7                               25G                              U573

Lincolnshire SCITT                              5-11                               25G                              2PSM

Lincolnshire SCITT                              7-11                               25G                              Z103

Is there a difference between the School Direct and SCITT Programme?

In essence, the only difference is to whom you apply.

For the School Direct Programme (whether fee paying or salaried) you need to apply to Voyage Education Partnership. For the SCITT Programme you need to apply to Lincolnshire SCITT, Primary.

Both courses will run identically. For both courses you will pay the exact same training fees of £9,250, you will be based within one of our partner schools, and the training you receive will be exactly the same. Therefore, to improve your chances of securing a place on our training programme, you could apply to both the Voyage Education Partnership and Lincolnshire SCITT.

Voyage Education Partnership Lead School: Staniland Academy

Voyage Education Partnership ITT Coordinator:

Entry Requirements

Degree qualification (2:2 or above)

GCSE English, Maths & Science – Grade C/4 or above

Equivalency tests can be taken to obtain these grades.

What do our trainees say?

“A massive thank you. I cannot express enough just how thankful I am that my path led me to you. Your commitment to get to know each and every one of your trainees, ensuring that we feel safe, secure and empowered is overwhelming. The words of encouragement, praise and humour you have provided have, without a doubt, made this year both enjoyable and achievable. I have learnt so much and come a very long way, I will be forever grateful! “

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my training. It has been fantastic having such a supportive team behind me that want to see you succeed. When I had the ‘wobble’ at the beginning of the year, I honestly do not believe I would have got through that without the support on hand. The fact I felt confident and safe enough to be able to discuss things during such a difficult time is proof of the personal support that is given, something that I do not think you would get through other providers.”

“I have learnt things about myself across this year and I can really say I feel like a different person to the one who arrived in September - and I’m really grateful for all of the good times as well as the more difficult times, as I wouldn’t be who I am today without them. I have learnt a lot from this course, my mentor, and my tutors, and I know I will use all of this in my career. ”

“I would like to use this reflection to pass on my thanks to the Boston hub, my Programme Tutor, and to my School Based Mentor for their support both professionally and personally throughout my training year. My success has been down to fantastic collaboration and people that have a passion to teach. I honestly do not believe I would have found the experience as rewarding if I had chosen to train with another provider.”