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The Voyage Education Partnership has a clear education strategy.

Our MAT has prioritised the formation of a Shared Services Education Team, who provide our academies with support and expertise in Teaching and Learning, Professional Learning, Inclusion, Early Years and Data/Assessment. Centralised support and guidance for Safeguarding, Attendance and SEND support and compliment our education offer.

The aspirations of the Trust are to be inclusive, a child-centred MAT which values and promotes excellence in learning, enabling children and young people to be independent thinkers. Our commitment as a Trust is to educate, empower and champion all learners. We work closely with families and communities to ensure that all meet their full potential. Our Education Strategy encompasses the following principles:

  • It recognises that the prime responsibility for academy improvement lies with the Headteacher and academy leaders
  • It supports academies through the Academy Support and Development Framework to develop effective procedures for accurate self-evaluation and improvement planning, with the ability to identify and commission support effectively themselves
  • It moves through a cycle of processes that start at the end of the summer term and are designed to be positive, focusing on strengths and as well as identifying areas to develop and are reviewed regularly. This cycle supports effective academy development planning and helps inform the work of the Trust.
  • It builds capacity and expertise for system led improvement
  • It creates a professional and collaborative partnership between the Headteachers, the Shared Services Education team and other strategic partners