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Appropriate Body and Early Career Framework

Early Career Teacher Induction and Support 2021-22

The Voyage Education Partnership works as a Delivery Partner with the Appropriate Body for Lincolnshire, L.E.A.D. Teaching School Hub, to support the Statutory Induction of Early Career Teachers. 

Voyage Education Partnership will support their allocated ECTs who are registered with L.E.A.D. as the Appropriate Body.

An ECT’s two year statutory induction period is the bridge between their initial teaching training and a successful career in the teaching profession. There is a core curriculum based on the Early Career Framework (ECF) and, along with the Teaching School Hub, Voyage delivers the Education Development Trust ECF Programme.  It combines a personalised programme of development, support and professional dialogue with a focus on monitoring and assessment against the Teacher Standards.

The induction programme supports the ECT in demonstrating that their performance against the relevant standards is satisfactory by the end of the process, ensuring the teacher is equipped with all of the tools to be effective and successful.

For more information on how to register your ECT with the Appropriate Body please follow the link below:

L.E.A.D. Teaching School Hub - ITT/Early Career/AB (

If you have further questions please feel free to contact us via email:

NQT+1 (RQT) and Legacy NQTs

The L.E.A.D. Teaching School Hub, in partnership with local Delivery Partners, have a DfE approved offer for RQTs and legacy NQTs. 

RQTs are those teachers who completed induction in summer 2021 and Legacy NQTs are those who may not have yet completed induction due to a variety of different reasons, including:

  • Part-time contracts;
  • Induction which has been paused due to ex‚Äčtenuating circumstances;
  • Extensions have been granted;
  • Those starting NQT induction later in the academic year 2020/21.

To access this offer for RQTs and Legacy NQTs please click here to find out more and book.

What is the Early Career Framework?

The Early Career Framework reforms are designed to ensure that Early Career Teachers develop the skills and confidence they need in order to teach effectively.

The Early Career Framework is the evidence base which underpins this new entitlement for Early Career Teachers. This framework provides the content that all Early Career Teachers should access during the first two years of their career. Through an approach of 'learning about and learning how to do', the five core areas of the ECF are outlined below:

• Behaviour Management

• Pedagogy

• Curriculum

• Assessment

• Professional Behaviours

For more information on the Early Career Framework click here.

Who is the Lead Provider?

The Teaching School Hub is proud to be working closely with lead provider Education Development Trust to deliver the Early Career Framework in Lincolnshire. Please click here to find out more. 

Delivery Partners

The Voyage Education Partnership is proud to be working with the Teaching School Hub, along with previously designated Appropriate Bodies, to deliver this offer across our region.

Many of these partners will be familiar to you in supporting ECTs throughout their first year of teaching.