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Sally And Sarah Say Goodbye

Two long-serving members of staff at Haven High Academy have been looking back over their school careers following the announcement of their retirement.  

Senior Deputy Headteacher Sally Wharff (pictured left), and Data Manager Sarah Cox, who have given more than six decades of service to the school between them, have both decided to retire. 

Sally started teaching maths at Kitwood Girls School (which later merged with Kitwood Boys School to become Haven High Academy) in January 1989 – with Sarah joining the team as a Teaching Assistant in 1993, the second year of the newly formed Haven High.  

Sally, who has been a teacher for 37 years, said: “After joining Kitwood Girls I became Head of Year, Head of Department, and took on various other leadership positions, before seven years ago taking up my role of Senior Deputy Headteacher. 

“The academy really will always hold a special place in my heart. The students here can be so lovely. 

“I have always said ‘if you cut me in half I will have the words Haven High Academy running through me just like a stick of rock’! 

“I wish the students and staff every success - and you can be sure I will be following the future progress of the academy avidly!    

“It will be so hard and strange to realise I am not coming back to work, but it will be fantastic to spend more time with my family, travelling, swimming and gardening.” 

Sarah said: “During my time at the school I have also worked as a Science Technician, an IT technician, and an IT Teacher. 

“I have enjoyed all of my roles over the years but felt most at home in my Data Manager role, which I have been doing for the past 15 years. 

“One of the biggest changes I have seen during my time at the school has been the growth in pupil numbers here. The vocational courses, along with other things, have really boosted the school’s popularity and student numbers - seeing them grow from around the mid-600 mark in the 1990s to 1,400 today. 

“Following my retirement I will be looking forward to more relaxing ‘me time’, as well as getting out in the garden more.” 

In addition to being colleagues for many years, the pair are also good friends – the result of going on a course together many years ago and being the star students! 

Sally said: “My favourite times at the school have been teaching in the classroom, as well as the many brilliant co-curricular activities the academy puts on for its students – including shows, proms, etc.” 

Sarah said: “Haven High Academy is a huge part of my life and I will really miss the staff team here – they are all brilliant and we have worked with some really inspirational colleagues over the years.” 

Voyage's CEO Emma Hadley said: "On behalf of the Voyage Education Partnership I would like to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to Sally and Sarah for so many years of service at Haven High Academy.

"Countless young people and their families in our local area have benefitted greatly from their commitment, expertise and dedication. Both colleagues will be greatly missed and we hope that they will stay in touch and be regular visitors back to our Haven.  

"We wish Sally and Sarah every happiness in their retirement and new adventures."