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Old Leake Primary Academy Excited To Join Voyage

Old Leake Primary Academy, formerly Old Leake Primary School, has joined Voyage.

This now brings the number of schools in our Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) to nine - eight primaries and one secondary - the number of pupils to nearly 4,000, and staff numbers to over 500.

Our Chief Executive Officer Emma Hadley said: "We are delighted that Old Leake Primary Academy has joined our Trust - we believe this will be a very positive move for both the school and Voyage.

"We are excited to now be working with their learners, staff and families, and look forward to seeing the school continue to go from strength-to-strength in the future.

"Voyage is an inclusive and learner-centred MAT. Our commitment is to educate, empower and champion all learners - and we work closely with the families and communities we serve.”

Old Leake Primary Academy will keep its current uniform and staff team.

Headteacher of Old Leake Primary Academy, Vicki Hardwick, said: "Everybody at the school is extremely excited to become part of Voyage on the next stage of our journey - and I, as Headteacher, am extremely proud to lead our school through this fantastic transition.

"We are looking forward to fully embracing the collaborative learning opportunities the partnership will bring and using these to deliver excellence for our learners in all areas."

Mrs Hadley said: "At Voyage we have a strong academy improvement team who can support all of our academies to be the best they can be.

“We offer a high-quality professional development package to our teachers and support staff, and important opportunities for them to collaborate and network with colleagues at other academies. We are also able to benefit from reduced costs by merging contracts, buying in bulk, and sharing resources.

"Each of our nine academies is extremely important to us, yet it is the combination of them in our Trust which really makes a difference.

“We work hard to maintain a good balance between the improvement work of the MAT alongside retaining each academy’s individual identity.

"We provide a strong central services team too, which supports HR, payroll, finance and premises.

“Providing Trust policies, central services and high-quality support all enable our Headteachers to concentrate their time on teaching and learning, to enable our learners to access a rich and vibrant curriculum - which not only gives them the necessary literacy and numeracy skills but also prepares them for life in the wider world.”